Owl Nursery In Progress {Wall Sneak Peek}

Don't forget to clean out your pantry this week as part of my Simply Nesting challenge. I hope you will join me tomorrow in posting about your organizing and simplifying efforts!

Simply Nesting


All the boys have had rooms that reflect their dad's greatest interests. Number 1 had an airplane themed room complete with a runway. Number 2 had a woodsy, hunting and fishing room. 3 and 4 both slept beneath a mopane tree I painted in their African themed room. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we've decided to give Cinco's room a makeover, for his sake and ours. The Preacher loves owls, which makes for a great nursery theme. Just think what I'd be coming up with if The Preacher was an avid BBQ-er, a brilliant computer programmer, or a beer brewing enthusiast. Yes, I think owls make a fine theme.

We said goodbye to Zimbabwe, where The Preacher made memories to last a lifetime, and ushered in a stark forest of birch.

And, while I still consider the many options for owl art on etsy, I whipped up a quick painting of The Preacher's favorite, the Great Horned owl. He requested fierce...not cutesy, on a bicycle, or wearing glasses (though I still hope to add these to my collection.) So, I started at 10 pm, and gave myself until 11:30pm, to come up with the fiercest owl I could muster with acrylic:

I personally think he looks like a mischievous 14 yr. old. rather than a wise old owl.

Perhaps I should have added text to the painting:

I got The Preacher laughing with that one. He's convinced I could sell a million if I made the image available for print or download. I can just see it now in my etsy store: "Threatening Owl Print For Nursery." Let me know if there's a market for that. :)

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the Owl Nursery in progress...


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