Out the Door

Pick up some milk. Gas up the car. Don't forget the library books! Meeting at 8 o'clock. Water the flowers. Don't you have lists like this around your house? I recently found the neatest little chalkboard for my front entryway. ( I highly recommend the 1 minute installation process!) So much traffic goes in and out of our front door that it seemed practical to have a decorative place for lists, reminders, and important info for the kids.

I stared at the blank slate, my mind racing with all the things I could make note of. But as I considered what reminder our family needed the most today, as we all head out the front door,  this is what I came up with:

Grocery lists and reminders can wait. Today, we need the exhortation to trust in the Lord and leave the fear of man far behind. Can't leave home without it.

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