Our On The Go Family Picnic with KFC


Our busy family of 8 is learning something of making room for margin in 2015. 

Last year was so overwhelming that we started this year off vowing to prioritize not just the to-dos but the get-tos. I'm sure our family is much like yours: the week to week is filled with errands, music lessons, track practices, grocery runs, and even opportunities to serve others. All wonderful things...that add up quickly to a very full schedule. 

We can choose to do our family schedule separately or together. We tend to be a family that prefers the latter, rather than dividing and conquering. It works for us, and for this particular season of life we are in with our oldest almost 13 and our youngest almost 2. But, that preference means that when we have places to go and people to see...we run all around town, all together. It's both awesome and exhausting. 

Being on-the-go together for the better part of the day usually requires picking up some meals on the town. For my six boys, getting a meal to go, and landing at a park (or the zoo!) is a treat in itself, and one of the best parts of a busy day on the move.

KFC recently invited our family to try out their Popcorn Nuggets -- 100% white meat (never pressed or formed!), extra crispy nuggets -- that come packaged perfectly for on-the-go. Usually, the boys would likely decline chicken nuggets (even ones that come with toys), simply because they just don't like the way they taste. However, we accepted the invitation and picked up a picnic for the whole family. 

Each boy savored their own Popcorn Nuggets and dipping sauce of choice, and I enjoyed the fact that I could see and taste real white meat in their chicken nuggets. I waited for their reaction, and it was thumbs up: They like all white meat too. It was a win win for all of us. 

So in the midst of a busy week, a busy day, and a list of must-dos altogether, we enjoyed a little bit of down time with our delicious KFC Popcorn Nuggets at the park at the zoo. Lunch is a must, but taking in beautiful Spring weather, a host of silly animals, your family and friends, and a KFC picnic...well, that's just making good choices. 

This is a KFC-sponsored post for BlogHer. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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