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Last Monday was a special day on this blog, and I missed it...I didn't even know it was coming until it passed. I published my 1000th post here.


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Had I noticed, I may have thought to be a fun blogger and host a giveaway, a special guest series, or a virtual celebration of some kind. I missed it because, quite frankly, there is a lot of life happening offline these days...which is ultimately worth celebrating as well.

Life offline is filled with tears of joy, tears of disappointment, difficult choices, long conversations with your spouse, quiet triumphs nobody knows about, and moments so important you savor them, rather than share them on Instagram.

I love this blog...this little space online that I can whisper or proclaim the greatness of God's grace in the everyday experiences of heart and home. Thank you so very much for faithfully dropping by here. I'm so honored.

I'm grateful the Lord's seen fit to allow these 1000 posts to flow from my average, messy, complicated life of walking with the Giver of Grace, one day at a time. But, no amount of time spent networking, reading, searching, writing, or connecting online can replace or supply true living. And that's a good thing.

May we not be a generation that projects well but fails in living; that buzzes with community online but suffers with loneliness in real life. I'm proud to have reached 1000 posts, but I'm perhaps more blessed by the accomplishment of nurturing, building, and sacrificing within real, biblical community you can serve, hug, cry with, and pray over. That's my prayer for you too!

I pray the next 1000 posts, Lord-willing, will be used to bring others closer to Christ and closer to the immediate areas of notable GRACE...Grace to receive and Grace to give.

I hope you'll join me.

Here are some of memorable posts from the last 1000:

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If you've been around for the last 1000 posts, I'd love to hear from you! :) I'd love to know if you have a favorite past post! 


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