On My Kitchen Counter

May 14, 2012

...now sits one gallon of kombucha brewing and a jar of my salsa in the process of lacto-fermenting. It's a bacteria wonderland over here on the kitchen counter!

I'm new to both, but can confidently say that homemade kombucha is just as good, if not better, than store bought; and my first batch of lacto-fermented salsa was more flavorful than any unfermented salsa I've ever made. Not to mention all the flora. :) So, there you have it. A crunchy con mama in the making.

What next? Sprouted wheat and sprouted spelt quinoa muffins? Yup. Been there done that. :)

I cook from scratch most days, and with mostly all fresh, unprocessed ingredients; but with budgetary constraints, it's been baby steps around here with all the other aspects of whole foods.

How organic, pastured, unprocessed, sprouted, soaked, raw, free-range, grass-fed, unrefined, fermented, fresh ground, homegrown ARE YOU? do tell!

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