On His Side {Drawing Close, Day 16}

On His Side {Drawing Close, Day 16}

My oldest is 11.5 and clearly, we've entered into a new season of parenting. The needs of a preteen or "tween" is such uncharted territory. The emotions run deep, the mind fills with questions, and there is an all new sensitivity to who is really on their side. As I write this, I have sadly closed out the day by unintentionally hurting the feelings of this sweet boy tonight, being harsh with my words and reprimanding with poor judgement. I've sought forgiveness and we've reconciled--but these moments are much more complex than they used to be. He no longer assumes friendship...he wants to see it in action. I'm no longer assuming that he will simply rest in the comfort of the Cross...I'm striving to lead him to it.

I am over at For The Family today, sharing about how WE, as parents, can be on our children's side by modeling true friendship and the nearness of God to them. Join me there!

On Their Side {Drawing Close, Day 16}

I'm drawing close to this kid--my oldest--and the ways in which he's becoming a man, and the needs he has, still, as a young boy.

Drawing Close {31 Days of sketching and noting grace through drawing.} Drawing Close {31 Days of sketching and noting grace through drawing.}

Join me everyday this month for the Drawing Close series.

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