On Days When Big Brothers Are Gone

September 01, 2009


5 Things I've discovered about my 3 yr. old Number 3 while his brothers are at school:

1. He is really helpful.

2. He says "actually" and "maybe" quite often, and in correct context.

3. He is a puzzle master.

4. He is, in fact, capable of being quiet when there are no loud brothers to contend with.

5. He has entered the "why" stage.

6. He thinks his own thoughts: "Mama, you're my friend."

5 Things I've discovered about myself while his big brothers are at school:

1. I actually don't mind the little step-stool that follows me wherever I go.

2. I enjoy conversations with a three yr. old.

3. I can make time to play with my kids.

4. I like to act silly sometimes.

5. I say "I don't know" a lot.

6. I enjoy this kid...and love being his friend.

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