On "Being Real"

October 30, 2015

I was so encouraged by this post today, I just had to share it. It's a piece published on The Gospel Coalition blog from last year that is just as applicable right now. You may have read my post at the beginning of the week about rightly assessing one's inward secret life, as a believer. And with this archived post by Brett McCracken, I'm extending my personal introspection further...considering what it is to "be real" on social media and why authenticity may not be as authentic as we think if we do not grieve sin as we ought.

I said in the previous post that we may be a generation that has more opportunity than any befoe to send out our thoughts, our perspective, our creative voice to the world, but may just as easily stifle our message through a lack of clarity in the truth of the Gospel proclaimed. We may think we can win the world with relatability, but I pray we don't lose them on account of portraying our Savior as a milktoast Christ who we don't submit to as King...and who we've assumed is apathetic about holiness. May it not be said of us that we were so "real" that we missed the reality of who Christ truly is.

I've just been in a season of fine-tuning...of making sure that the way I use this platform is in line with what's near to God's heart, and not just my own. I hope the excerpt below whets your appetite to read the full post here, and begins the conversation in our minds about where we've come and where we are collectively going...

But why must “real” be synonymous with flawed and imperfect? When someone opens up about their junk, we think, “you’re being real,” and we can relate to them. But what about the pastor who has served faithfully for decades without any scandal, loved his wife and family, and embodied the fruit of the spirit? Is this less real?

...It’s almost as if our sins have become a currency of solidarity—something we pat each other on the back about as fellow authentic, broken people. But sin should always be grieved rather than celebrated...
— Brett McCracken

Love to your, friends...I never share here to condemn or complain. I simply offer fuel to consider, to encourage, and to push myself and others to press in and press on.

Because of grace,

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