Of Puppies and Babes

We met our puppy when she was four days old. We visited her when she was 2 weeks old. We brought her home at 6 weeks. She's about 9 weeks old now, and I cannot believe how much my puppy's changed...

I've been trying to make time stand still. I've been losing the battle. I may be feeling it with our puppy, but it's more so, of course, with my man-cub. My sweet Number 5 is 11 weeks old...where did the time go? I remember times in the past when I wished my time away in exhaustion, squandered moments with my babies seeking to find self-fulfillment, or eagerly hoped for this season of great sacrifice to pass.

That was before I learned that time with my children slips through my hands, that there is nothing more fulfilling than answering the call of motherhood, and that the sacrifice does not pass, but reveals all that we need to surrender to the Lord.

So I'm cherishing each day: all the moments I would have spent in my early days of being a mom--feeling sorry for myself, wanting what someone else had, or thinking I had plenty of time--I now treasure each of those moments with care. There's no time to waste.

Leave it to the fleeting days of a young pup and a wee babe to show us that which our hearts know but our pride denies.





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