Of Dim Sum and Family Reunions

Several weeks ago, we had an opportunity to make a last-minute trip to Colorado Springs to meet up with my parents who were going to be visiting. Driving 7 hours each way over the course of a weekend was more than worth it for the chance to reunite my parents with my family and my brother's family...all in one place, at the same time...for a total of 24 hours.

We were so blessed and excited to all be together, we really could've done nothing at all but sit around and chat and we would have been happy. But no, we did not sit around. At the top of the list was a family dim sum lunch. Don't know what it is? You really must find out. It's like afternoon tea and tapas combined. It IS my love language. :) It's Chinese culture in a meal: hot tea, small morsels of intricate flavors that come by cart, boisterous conversations, and hours of slow savoring.

My mom, my niece, and Number 3. These two are three days apart!

And of course, there was the Auntie (me) taking pics of the adorable nephew (Shepherd). Yes, Gap-model baby...

Delicious. I could eat him...with or without whipped cream. Slurp. Chomp. Yum.

The rest of the family got snapped as well. I finally captured some of my super-active 1.5 yr. old Number 5. He's a character. And completely edible as well. These photos are gold to me!

My parents with all 9 of their grandkids.

If you have family nearby, don't forget to hug them soon and share meals frequently. What grace it is to have family...near or far. We can make the most of whatever time we have together--even when it's only 24 hours!

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