Ode to October

Welcome to October everyone. When it comes to months of the year, I play favorites. October has always been the fair haired month in my life for so many reasons, not the least of which is the occurrence of my birthday during the first week of this extraordinary month. Whether you realize it or not, your mood changes with the seasons, and particular months pour on an extra dose of sentimentality. That’s the way it is for me and October. She is the breath I catch before the over-stimulation of the Holidays; she is the sigh after a busy and blistering summer; she is the pause as I consider the dying of the old in anticipation of new life. On the eve of this magnificent turning, I thought I’d sing the praises of my favorite month and share 10 reasons she has my heart: 1. The weather: The significant drop in temperature come October is delicious. Mornings are crisp, and evenings require a light cardigan. Daytime is marked with bright sunshine with cloudy intermissions. Perfect. 2. International Balloon Fiesta, when breakfast every morning is joined by dozens of balloons across the sky. Where we live, balloonists float right over top of our house. 3. The turning of leaves. There is nothing more magnificent than planning a trip to Colorado in the fall, when a mountainside of aspens turn from yellow to bright orange. 4. Anticipation of the Holidays...a glint of excitement sprouts as I consider new traditions for the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus. 5. Apple butter, bobbing for apples, apple pie, apple cider... 6. Pumpkin butter, pumpkin patch, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup... 7. Boots are in fashion. 8. Hot tea and all spiced beverages become appealing. 9. Fleece toddler costumes; vegetables and farm animals are my faves. What child does not look delicious as a fuzzy green pea pod. 10. I fell in love with my husband in October.

What's on your list?

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