Number 5 Turns 2


Tomorrow my Number 5 turns 2. This little one was born into an emotional and painfully stretching time in our family's journey. But God brought him into the world with sparkly eyes-- eyes that say, "Smile! You have no idea what God will do next!"


He's been a constant source of hilarity, wonder, sweetness, and reminder that God tells big stories through little moments...and little people.


His oldest big brother promised piggybacks down the stairs...and he's kept his promise. He's got amazing examples of loyalty, sharing, gentleness, and camaraderie in his older brothers. And now, Number 5 is a big brother. He's slowly picking up the ways of brotherhood, and my prayer is that this birthday boy will one day be among the ranks of big brothers Number 6 will look up to as well.

Number 5 Turns 2

And as these early days with a newborn prove to be exhausting, disorienting, and easily wished away for it's challenges, I'm gladly reminded in this 2 yr. old's face, that two years flies by...

...that newborn diapers quickly become size 4's without warning...

...that dependance becomes independence whether you're ready for it or not...

...that yesterday's gurgles become today's expressive formations of toddler thoughts...


I can't wait to hear all that's on your heart and mind, my little Asa boy. Happy birthday, my Number 5 mancub.


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