June 06, 2011

Until now...postpartum has felt surprisingly easy. Until sweet baby has been the most predictable of all nappers. Until now...6 hours of sleep a night has felt sufficient. Until now...every breastfeeding session has been met with eager anticipation. Until tension has arisen between my dear Preacher and me. Until now...instead of postpartum blues, it's been postpartum euphoria. Until now...I felt as if I could conquer the world.

For now...I put order, organization, and routine somewhere on the "in a few more months" to-do list...

Right now...I'm keenly aware that it is not my own ability or strength that holds all things together or keeps all things going...

Especially now...I place my burdens and cares at the foot of the Cross, and receive the rest that Grace provides...

Even heart gives thanks, my mind submits, and my hands keep to the plow.

Because God's mercies are new every morning, his provision is available continually, and his love never-ending, I can know GREAT PEACE right now.


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