Not Frameable

My camera does not always capture:

...the dirty kitchen table,

...the he-hit-me-on-purpose-no-i-didn't moments,

...the 2 yr. old night terrors,

...the late night talks with my love and a cup of Good Earth tea,

...the chipped nail polish and the eye brows that need cleaning up,

...the family meetings where The Preacher reminds us what Philippians 2:3-4 is all about,

...the unending baby spit up that adorns my daily outfits,

...the chaos of schooling at home,

...the lives that walk in and out our front door,  

...the crying that goes on around here,

...the tireless servant-leadership The Preacher models each day,

...and....the much-needed day alone with my man (and my littlest man) this past weekend talking, shopping, eating dolsot bibimbop, and remembering why we chose each other for the journey.

These and many more everyday moments never make it to my dslr. I don't always remember or take the time to record those very real minutes of the day; because let's face it--sometimes you are too busy living and wrestling with life, to frame it in a picture. But those moments exist, and they make up the fabric of a life that is being woven...if only captured through the lens of my memory.

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