Needing Mom

Sometimes you just need your mom.

This past weekend, I needed...

a superhero babysitter someone who'd find my baby as delicious as I do a helping hand in the kitchen empathy and sympathy unwavering support for my husband a listening ear someone to belly laugh with a shoulder to cry on girlie makeover partner a prayer warrior ...a friend.

And this past mom traveled over 1,000 miles to provide, in all these ways and more. I needed her, but I think she needed me need her too.

A mother-daughter relationship is often earned through strife, tears, forgiveness, and time. Ours is no different.

A satisfying relationship with my mom is not the absence of conflict; it's the presence of peace. It doesn't rest upon what we don't say, but what we learn to communicate. And, this weekend, our relationship did not recall how strong we convinced ourselves to be without each other, but welcomed the need...and the provision.

May you go deeper and further in all your relationships today.

*******We've been preparing our home and hearts for Advent...Did you read my guest post yesterday on Annalea Hart? Join me tomorrow for a guest post all the way from the other side of the globe!********

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