Naptime Sewing

dsc02071.jpgdsc02069.jpgdsc02067.jpgdsc02068.jpgdsc02063.jpgdsc02064.jpg Ever since I discovered Bend-the-Rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew, I have been all keyed up to craft and sew. I've always enjoyed sewing, but have never learned to follow patterns (as with cooking.) This book is gives simple directions for super stylish projects that don't rely completely on impeccable sewing skills. It teaches you all the things you've wanted to know about sewing, but didn't know who to ask. My favorite projects from the book are those that elevate domesticity to an all new level of detail and cuteness. Napkins, coasters, tea cozies, aprons, pillows, just to name a few.

I sewed an apron and a clutch today, mostly during naptime. The much coveted afternoon naptime was cut short significantly by the three-year old's resistance to going down, and then by the one year old's early wake on the wrong side of the crib. If you notice stray stitches it is because the last third of the sewing project was done with the baby on my lap or at my feet playing with a colorful assortment of fabric markers. You do what you can. The process, not perfection, was the goal. Any stress I might have felt tackling a sewing project was minimized by using such delicious fabrics. These projects were done with two polka-dotted fabrics that look like a lime and strawberry sherbet parfait. Yum...

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