My Prometheus

My multi-hat wearing husband is a bit anachronistic-- always preferring an old (if not ancient!) book over the internet any day of the week. So, you can imagine my surprise when he sent me a link to his new blog, complete with his first (and hopefully not last) post! My husband has a way of thinking and communicating things like few people I know, which is why I've always thought him a potentially wonderful, minus the part where he avoids the internet.

I'm really hoping he will find the desire (and the time!) to post semi-regularly. He really ought to share all that amazing stuff that rolls around in that head of his.

Why the name? Just a little tongue and cheek metaphoric reference to the giver of fire in Greek mythology. So, please give my sweet man a warm welcome at The Promethian Chronicles,

Or, at least send your husband over there. They can have some man time.

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