My Love Language

It's possible  that my love language is really good food.

I love to make good food for those I love. I love to eat good food with those I love.

And when I've had a super rough day and my dear husband finds me flat with discouragement at the end of it, he knows he can show how much he loves me by taking me out for good eats. He knows me so well, in fact, that he takes me out for Vietnamese. Not steak, because that would be at the end of his rough day. Although, his love language would be a rare steak following a successful hunt. Definitely his, not mine. I digress.

So back to Vietnamese food. Pho and other forms of Vietnamese cuisine are really not much to look at, or to photograph for that matter, but if this blog post could waft aromas....

If you haven't ventured out for Vietnamese lately, give these menu picks a try:

Plum soda.

Vietnamese egg rolls wrapped in lettuce and basil.

Beef pho.

Grilled onions wrapped in beef.

Grilled beef and prawn over rice noodles.

I felt so loved, eating a beloved meal with my beloved guys without preparing or dishes to clean up! I'm really so easy to please. :)

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend...and try something new!

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