Mother's Day Tea

I know, I know. Mother's Day was almost two weeks ago. Better late than never. I've had some folks ask about the Mother's Day Tea our church hosted. The lovely and successful event was relatively painless to coordinate. This is how we did it:

Q: How do you manage to host an extravagant tea party for fifty and charge only $5?

A: Decide on a menu, complete with recipes, and hit up all the ladies at church who enjoy cooking, and ask for food donations.The $5 ticket price then goes to purchasing tea, decorative flowers, and the Women's Ministry.

Q: How do you set up a Tea for 50 using all real china?

A: Ask for ladies to "host" a table, which involves bringing her own china- place settings for 6, tea service, and the centerpiece.

Q: How do you plan and execute an event like this in three weeks with no committee and no meetings?

A: With one or two people willing to be in charge, all other logistics need only to be delegated. With the modern conveniences of email and "reply all," busy moms who want to help don't even need to hire a babysitter to be involved in planning such an event!

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