Meet Pebble, the Turtle

...or more accurately, according to Judah, "Po-bo" the "To-to." Pebble is Judah's new pet turtle. The first night in the garden, Pebble managed to bury himself, much to the boys' distress, as their new friend could not be found. All three of them called out for Pebble like he was a lost pup, and seemed surpised that a young turtle would not crane his head to the sound of his master's voice! For the boys' sake, I prayed that Pebble might not be lost, roaming aimlessly down the neighborhood streets. I prayed he would not meet his demise with an SUV or a neighborhood canine. But alas, Pebble was uncovered this morning, and was met with much love, relief, and unwelcomed handling.

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