Me and a Gun

Things that go boom: garbage truck, child dropping undetermined object from the top of the stairs, microwave mishap...a smooch from my hubby.

Other than a BB gun or the occasional water pistol, I had never shot a gun. Until a few days ago. In fact, I don't know that I'd ever been in the presence of a real gun shot. I'm that girl that ducks for cover when an engine backfires. Yup. I live dangerously. On the edge, I know.

My king of the castle, on the other hand, would be a formidable foe for any that might attempt to penetrate our parapet. He practices his draw with his airsoft gun, and is quite convincing when we've got the Spy Games soundtrack blaring through the speakers.

He's got me about persuaded to take a gun safety and conceal & carry class so that I can be confident and comfortable, with or without the movie soundtrack. that I don't do this when it goes off:

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