Man Vs. Wild Birthday Party

I've know for awhile now that a Man Vs. Wild birthday party was in my imminent future. The day finally arrived a few weeks ago, and I'm happy to say: I survived.

Convincing, isn't it. :)

Best of Man Vs. Wild video...

Fire starting and Knot Tying 101:

My kids are proficient at making knots when they aren't trying to.

I had fun coming up with unappealing survival food...

Swamp and slime jello jigglers were in order. Gummy worms and toads lurked beneath the surface...

...which was made more swampy with the help of dollops of Cool Whip while the jello mixture is still warm.

I bought crickets and juicy night crawlers to keep company with two of the kids' party favors. I was going for coolest mom of the year award. :)

Slithering worms when you reach in to grab a carabiner? Brilliant, I know.

One particular dad may or may not have eaten a cricket and two of my night crawlers. I had to stop him from eating more, they were that good.

And it wasn't the Preacher. He knew better. :)
Dirt, fire, bugs, worms, sweat, testosterone...a small price to pay for the boys to be boys and the be boys, too!



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