Man Vs. Cupcake

Number 2 is turning 7 in July, but his first grade class wants to celebrate him before school is out for summer vacation. So, as the mom of a clan obsessed with Bear and his cliff-hanging, snake-eating, and camel-gutting, I did my part in creating a tough and dirty boy cupcake.

This is the closest I'll ever get to eating worms.

One box cake mix makes 24 cupcakes plus a small section baked in a loaf pan, which I crumble and use for dirt:

Store-bought frosting...

...and a light dunk in the "dirt".

With all that dirt...Don't call me "cupcake!"'s an earthworm. Bear would've preferred a gummy scorpion or grub. Sorry to disappoint.

Now Number 2's class will know that around here, we are all-boy, all-survival, all-dirt...

...and all very well-loved by a girlie Mama.





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