March 17, 2009

The boys' made-up game: "MAN"

No. 1: "Hey, Liam, you wanna play "MAN?" No. 2: (In a 40 yr. old-GI Joe-with a Texas accent voice) "Yeah, Man, let's play." No. 1: "Man!-what are you doing?" (Now, also sounding like GI Joe) No. 2: "There some bad peoples chasing us!" No. 3: (As gruff as a two-yr. old can muster) "MAN! MAN!" No. 2: "VROOM...GRR..." No. 1: "C'mon MAN!" No. 3: "MAN! MAN!" No. 2: (Back in his normal squeaky voice) "Let's go inside and say 'hi' to Stone." No. 1, 2, and 3: (Talking like Minnie Mouse) "HI, Stone. You wanna play 'MAN?'"

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