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Summertime Snacking Solutions For Kids |

The perpetual snack dilemma of summertime. Sigh. All the kids are home...all the time. At my house, that means the boys are constantly hankering for a snack. Here’s what we are doing this summer to make snacking fun and unburdensome, while training the kids to take over in the kitchen!

1. Make a menu. Choose healthy snacks that can be easily made with ingredients on hand. Without a menu, it is easy to get sucked into buying pre-packed snacks, chocked full of preservatives and sugar. Because it is my personal style of cooking, I find it valuable to teach the kids to make something great with what’s available. (It doesn't have to be fancy!)
2. Set a time for snacks every afternoon (or morning and afternoon) so there’s not constant inquiry about snacking. Everyone knows when snacktime will be, and eats enough at mealtime to adjust accordingly.
3. Rotate snacks on a summer calendar so that everyone can see what’s on the menu, and there is no debate about what to have each day.
4. Take turns making or preparing snacks each day. Kids love to cook! Simple snacks are a great way for them to take ownership of what they are serving up to the entire family!

Here are some snack menu ideas from our kitchen...

-popcorn balls

-trail mix

-ants on a log

-carrots sticks in cucumber cups

-fruit skewers with yogurt

-mini nachos (chips/beans/cheese/homemade blender salsa)

-frozen juice popsicles

-apples and peanut butter cups (they sell little containers for cheap at Walmart)

-sliced bananas with cinnamon and honey

-deviled eggs

-cream cheese and shredded carrots pinwheels

What are some easy go-to snacks your family enjoys? How do you manage summertime snacking?

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