Make Your Own Erasers

dsc02059.jpgdsc02057.jpg Homeschooling with three kids under five is a challenge. One is always trying to concentrate on math, one's always concentrating on making a mess throughout the house, and one has no concentration at all. It's joy and chaos all at the same time. There's not a day that goes by that I don't ask myself, "What was I thinking?" The feeling usually subsides as the drama of the moment wanes and we are off to a new adventure in learning. Today was the second day of first grade homeschooling. We got through with no permanent damage to the house, all fingers and toes intact, and everyone still enjoying school at home. To reward the kids (and myself) for a good attitude, we pulled out a special arts and crafts project we've been saving: Eraser making! Our kit was purchased from Target for under five bucks, and served as fun modeling clay with a purpose. For a crafty school-age child, this project would serve as a great incentive for good work done at school. You could also make these with your children as a gift for a classmate. Look at our cute creations...and they work!

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