Look Your Kids In The Eye and Lower Your Voice

You know how it is when you are trying to get out the door with the kids. "Where's your other flip flop?"

"I need someone to put away the dogs!"

"What's this mess on the table? Get this cleaned up, quick!"

"Can someone PLEASE pick up the toys on the stairs before we leave?!"

"Why can't I count on you guys to get your jobs done!?!"

These and other orders are often barked out to the boys as I frantically run around the house to collect stuff, more stuff...and oh, the kids, as we head out the door. The littles horse around and end up in an argument over who hit who. I get stinkin' mad frustrated, and raise my voice even louder in hopes of getting full compliance.

We finally all make it to the car (1, 2, 3, 4...and 5. Good, got 'em all!) and I'm deflated and discouraged as a mom; the kids are annoyed and uninspired. I keep the car in "park" and turn around to say, "I'm sorry, boys."

Clarity so often comes after the fact! This is what I come back to again and again:

1. If I'm stressed and raise my voice, my kids only hear my tone, not my words.
2. Explicit instructions = action; Random barking = guilty confusion
3. You may think you're saving time by running around while yelling; but, calling the kids together for a team huddle usually proves much.more.efficient.
4. Obedience motivated by joy > obedience motivated by fear.

That is all. Lesson learned. And now, I pass it on to you:

Stop, Drop, and...

Look your kids in the eye and lower your voice. 

Praise God, He's not through with us yet, friends! 


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