Look Out...I'm Adding Color!


It's just my opinion, but I think my house often reflects my inner state. Not interstate. Inner state. {grin}

Test my theory:

  • Do you tend to let piles build up all around, distracting yourself with other activities so as to not be overwhelmed by them? Do you see the same pattern in your inner life?
  • Do you clean to the extent to which others can see? Or do you make time for deep cleaning? Draw the parallels...
  • Do you see your home as a place to share with others, or a place to retreat from others?

If you don't see the connections, just pretend I didn't say anything...and just move on. We're still friends. {smile}

Do these pictures look familiar? Well, they should for some of you who may have been with me when I started turning everything neutral, black/white, and shades of gray in my home a few years ago. I admit it had a little something to do with the perceived chaos that was accumulating as the number of boys increased in our family. I needed to see and feel calm in my crazy lively home!

But now, I'm ready to add in a touch or two of color. The energy level in my home hasn't changed much, but I have moved into the eye of the storm myself, and as a result, feel at rest and less affected by the clamor and spinning all around me.

So, I've purchased some Anna Maria Horner fabrics from her Drawing Room collection. Colorful fabrics. I love how they all go together and don't all at the same time. I love that they feel warm and artsy...but not too artsy. I love that they add a bit of girl without being too girly. These fun fabrics are planning to having a party on my couch as new throw pillows.

Well, I've mocked up some possibilities for pillow design combinations, and I'd love your opinion:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

So what do you think? What 1-2 of these designs would you choose for me to make for my living room? 

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