I blog because I enjoy the self-imposed discipline of chronicling, noticing, thinking--and turning those thoughts into coherent sentences (I hope!). It's amazing how much inspiration you can find if you are looking for much humor there is in the mundane when you pay attention...and how much gratefulness you feel when you purpose to take note.

Consequently, there are times (like the first trimester in pregnancy) you find things a little less humorous, seasons where you are too exhausted to pay attention, and days when inspiration seems out of reach. Sometimes you are too busy keeping up with it all to remember to photograph the memorable moments.... Number 3's heartfelt effort today, saving about 100 slimy earthworms he found under a rain-soaked rug on our back porch. "They will die, Mama!" he pleaded. Persuaded by his passion for search and rescue, and setting aside my 1st trimester gag reflex, I cheered him on as he transported each earthworm to the lawn. I'm so thankful for my little 4 yr. old hero. Oh to see him selflessly ferrying earthworms across the yard! Wish I had a pic for you!

Instead, I leave you to admire my diligence in dressing my Number 4 in whatever outfits (in whatever size) I can find these days:

He might be growing a bit faster than I'm keeping up with! He doesn't have a clue that he looks like he's on the high-school wrestling team. But tell me tight onesies don't warm the heart and cause any parent to chuckle. On babies, that is.

Here's to grace during the seasons of busyness...and may you be encouraged to notice, smile, and give thanks in everyday moments, even if, for now, they be treasured only in your mind's eye.

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