It's Not Too Late To Become The Fun Mom and the GraceLaced Mondays Link Up

November 04, 2012

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Do you remember telling your young married self that when you became a mom, you'd be the fun mom? You promised yourself you'd not over-react to little things or freak out at messes made while your kids made awesome memories.

Do you remember thinking that you'd be the kind of mom that would finger paint, bake cookies any afternoon of the week, and roll in the freshly raked pile of leaves with your children?

Do you remember thinking you'd sing at the top of your lungs, write funny notes for your kids' lunchboxes, and chase your kids' all over the playground in a game of tag?

I know I did.

And, though I know I've not been all that fun lately, I know it's not too late to be intentional about bringing a smile to my kids' faces.

I'm over at The Better Mom today, opening up about how I planned on being a fun mom, how it's not always so easy to fun, and how I purpose to be a lighter, brighter, more FUN version of myself for my kids.

Join me there for 6 practical tips on how to start being the fun mom you want to be...TODAY!

Now, let's join in community with a link up!

Welcome to GraceLaced Mondays, a link up dedicated to sharing any and all blog posts by like-minded lovers of grace--God's grace! Grace is found in the everyday when you are intentional about taking note of it...and I invite you to share your story, great or small, of how everyday moments are full of Grace.