It has begun. Or not.

July 11, 2009

Caleb: "Mama, Caitlyn and I were just walking around together tonight and I all of a sudden looked up and said, 'You're pretty!'" Mama: " did, huh?"

Caleb: "Yeah, she's really pretty!"

Mama: (silently) What kind of pretty is she!?!--like your mother, pretty, or like a Barbie pretty...? (out loud) "Yeah, Caleb, she is, isn't she."

Caleb: "I told her how glad I am that we are friends."

Mama: "Mmmhmm. Um, so, what do you think makes Caitlyn so pretty?"

Caleb: "Well...most of the time it's her attitude."

Mama: (sigh.) "Good answer."


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Monday, June 10 will be the last day to place an order to receive it in the month of June!

Our team will be traveling internationally for the next couple weeks. While we're away THE SHOPPE WILL REMAIN OPEN and shipping on all orders placed after June 10 will resume on June 25.