It has begun. Or not.

July 11, 2009

Caleb: "Mama, Caitlyn and I were just walking around together tonight and I all of a sudden looked up and said, 'You're pretty!'" Mama: " did, huh?"

Caleb: "Yeah, she's really pretty!"

Mama: (silently) What kind of pretty is she!?!--like your mother, pretty, or like a Barbie pretty...? (out loud) "Yeah, Caleb, she is, isn't she."

Caleb: "I told her how glad I am that we are friends."

Mama: "Mmmhmm. Um, so, what do you think makes Caitlyn so pretty?"

Caleb: "Well...most of the time it's her attitude."

Mama: (sigh.) "Good answer."



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