Introducing The Youngest Trader Joe's Crew Member...

So I guess we go to Trader Joe's a lot. Who am I kidding--we are addicts. We are walking Trader Joe's infomercials. Our children know the staff by name. We love them; they love us. It's quite lovely, actually. Every week's trip is the same: The boys run happily into the store, stop to greet "Mr. Clinton" or "Miss Rebecca" at the front desk, pick up their choice of colored balloons, skip and hop their way to the daily beverage and food samplings, say hi to some more staff, begin their quest to find "Coco," the coconut guy (who's hidden location, once discovered, earns the children a prize from the treasure chest), and finally, proceed to the checkout line where the boys will continue to make conversation about the weather or ancient history with "Ms. Heather," or whoever may be working that day. During all this frolicking is when their dad and I stock up on all our family's Trader Joe's staples: milk, eggs, chicken nuggets, turkey meatballs, tuna curry, quinoa, arugula, fuji apples, southern greens mix, shredded carrots, yellow squash, salsa authenica, flax seed and veggie chips, maple and brown sugar shredded wheats, vanilla almond crunch, joe's o's, multi-grain oats, sprouted multi-grain bread, eggplant hummus, dried chile mangos, curry simmer sauce, mesquite honey, frozen asparagus, frozen edamame, soycatash, lemon ginger echinacea juice, green juice, veggie patch, 2.99 Charles Shaw cabernet, 1554, peppermint joe joe's, and 71% dark chocolate bars. Go ahead, ask us about any item--we'll give you a review.

So, imagine our surprise when we arrived last night for our weekly stockpiling to Mr. Clinton presenting each of the boys with his own Trader Joe's Crew Member nametag! Okay, we weren't that surprised--he told us last week he was going to do it. But the boys were shocked. Liam thought it was cool, Caleb was worried that he would have to mop floors, and Judah just wondered where the extra samples were. Their dad and I were proud...and a little envious of the boys' newly acquired status. At least now it's official.
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