In Praise For However He Will Answer

We moved into our current home-- a fair sized home on a tiny lot-- 10 years ago. We had one child.

One child. 

That was before five additional boys were born and brought into this home. That was before we planted a church. That was before we started a school. That was before I started blogging. That was before I started my business. That was before my knees knew they no longer wanted a two story house. 

That was before dreams of chickens, archery targets, ziplines, vineyards, and bonfires. That was before 6 boys, 2 dogs, and one marriage craved to know a more rural life. That was before our family grew...and grew to become "us."

That was before the bathroom remodelthe library, the kitchen remodelthe studio, the potager, and the master bedroom becoming the boys' bunkroom.

Troy and I have been restless for some time. We've longed for a little more space, a little more land, a little more quiet, and a little more room to be hospitable. We've been dreaming of being by the river, down where we take regular walks and talks

But just because you dream something or believe with all your heart that you were meant for it...doesn't mean you will get what you want, when you want it. 

And, as much as you know such things in your head, your heart may still struggle to embrace the waiting game....the trusting game...the sacrificing game...the praying for more than the pining for.

We each have our stories; and each family has its own set of priorities, concerns, difficulties, and limitations. Ours has prioritized being a part of building great things and growing a large family, two things that may be considered debits against us for some, but for us--are truly credited to us to God's glory...and for eternal purposes.

And so, we are again at a family crossroads: Do we stay in our home and continue projects to "make it work?" Or do we sell and move? Do we take risks or play it safe? 

My friend Maggie posted last Friday this thought: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

I love my home. I love my neighbors. Almost every memory of our family is told within these walls. But, I am praying about change. Praying FOR change. Praying for a way and for a provision. I'm praying that God blesses the labors of our hands, this blog, my biz, and our stewardship of our family and our school...and makes it clear to us whether we are to start a new chapter, or to joyfully stay planted in the one we're in.

Well, That's the news from Lake Wobegon...or at least, the news from the Simons household here in New Mexico. (Where the woman is getting stronger in weakness, the man is better looking with age, and the number of children are above average.)

 I'd be so honored for you to pray for us.

I don't always blog personal developments here at the blog, but I have a desire for you to know my thoughts here...because I want you to know the real considerations of our family of 8, but also that you might join me in praising Our King when He answers what I know not how to ask. 

This is a praise in advance, for however He chooses to answer and for the great things He is yet to do...things we often don't recount or recognize until 10 years have passed. 

Because of grace,

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