If You Love Somebody

If You Love Somebody

...set them free!

Roots, that is!

I'm no orchid expert; lover, yes, but no expert. I'm also an orchid philanthropist. I find every orchid worth saving, especially ones marked down to $5 at home improvement stores. I currently have as many orchid littles as I do boys. (Wanna guess which set of children will increase first? :))

I was long overdue to repot my sweet orchids, and with a newly rescued orphan on board, I was ready to take the plunge.

The best time to repot an orchid is when it has just finished blooming. Orchids tend to like being a bit root-bound, but squishy, dead, totally bound up roots require some pruning:

Use sharp, clean shears to cut off any roots that are dried up, squishy, or rotting. Healthy roots are firm with green tips.

Most orchids come potted completely in sphagnum moss. Moisten the moss and roots, and gently remove old moss.

Purchase potting mix especially formulated for orchids or phalaeonopsis. Soak the mix in water before repotting.

Choose a pot with a drainage hole (or several). The pot should be only slightly larger than root ball after pruning.

Place some potting mix at the bottom of pot, and gently set roots in, and fill in with mix. Some roots can remain outside of the pot, but just make sure the orchid is firmly stable within the pot...

...even if you only have one root to work with. :)

Lastly, soak some sphagnum moss in water, squeeze out excess water, and arrange to cover potting mix in your pot...and you're done!

Doesn't it feel good to be so nurturing?

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