I Get To

My mother-in-law tells the story of how the Lord got a hold of her one time in her early days as a mom. She was grumbling in her spirit while doing endless loads of laundry, when God clearly spoke to her: "Linda, be grateful for the family you get to do laundry for."

That mindset does not come naturally to our flesh, nor does it offer ease to the workload. However, a mind fixed on gratitude and humility does, in fact, clothe weariness in perspective while stripping away the self-righteousness from our grumbling.

And the best news of all? A servant heart does not come from striving or determination; it comes by way of the Spirit. It is the work of God in sanctification.

I get to do laundry today. I get to serve my family. I get to be pruned and shaped for the Master's use. I get to.

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