How To Wear A Cowl

Do you know what a cowl is? Have you seen them around, and wondered what to do with such a thing? A cowl is basically a knit or crocheted tube that drapes at the neckline. It can be like a turtleneck without the shirt, a hooded tube scarf, or even a lighter infinity scarf. Here are some of my faves currently on etsy:

1. the Wishbone Cowl 2. Kaleidoscope Cowl 3. Soft Spoken Cowl 4. the Kaltag Necklace 5. The Coffee Cowl 6. Cobblestone Cowl

You all know that I love wearing solid, neutral colors in effort to keep looking classy, effortless. So as to not be completely boring in my wardrobe, I add a spot of color here and there with accessories. My sweet friend, Brittany, from church offered to knit a cowl for me out of one of my specially reserved stashes of yarn I picked up at a parking lot sale. (If you are a knitter, you can find the pattern for it here.) I love my new cowl so much I thought I'd show off a couple of ways to wear it. Haven't you always wanted a preggo girl to model a cowl for you?

And now...for your enjoyment, here are clearly 3 ways you should NOT wear a cowl. (Don't say I never did anything for ya...)

Hope you're feeling more confident to include a cowl in your wardrobe...even IF it's been at my expense. Have a great day!

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