how to: Create A Gallery Wall

how to: Create A Gallery Wall

Can you recall that blank wall in your house that you have been wanting to decorate but haven't decided what to use? We wanted to share with you a few gallery walls that we curated to inspire you. Click the gallery wall that interests you the most to see the pieces we thoughtfully selected to help you decorate your home.

Monogram Canvases
Build this simple and creative look by incorporating different elements that spell out a word that is meaningful to you. Whether it be an adjective, a name, or initials, choose a minimal print to give a crisp look.

Farmhouse + Chic
Use our Foundations Prints Set to create a uniform, gridded gallery wall. These prints serve as a sweet reminder of foundational truths from God’s Word.

Clean + Botanical
Achieve this look through selecting all-white frames, creating a light and airy feel. Choose pieces that are neutral in color and share similar botanical elements. As an added bonus, the prints in this gallery wall have one unifying theme: the love of Christ binding a family together.

Vintage + Bohemian
Feature prints in vintage-inspired gold frames for a beautiful, bohemian art collection. With beautiful, muted floral designs, each of these art pieces give a nod to a romantic, vintage style.

Vibrant + Artistic
Make an impact by hanging art from the floor to the ceiling, utilizing all the wall space you have. Choose prints of varying - yet striking - colors, shapes, and sizes to create a standout statement wall.

Earthy + Modern
Combine beautiful landscapes and intricate florals in sleek frames to create a modern feel with elements of nature scattered throughout. Focus on having a few key colors (we went with blues and greens) present within most of the art to create a cohesive collection.

- GraceLaced Team
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