How He's Won My Heart For Sixteen Years

A great awareness of one’s sinfulness often stands side by side with great joy and confidence in God.
— Dave Harvey, "When Sinners Say I Do"

He wooed me with his grand affections for me, but he's kept my heart these 16 years with his affections for Christ. 

When you're young and idealistic, you feel brave, make promises you don't really know how to keep and imagine yourself to be so lovable and worthy of devotion.

But the uncomfortable, marvelous grace of marriage is that becoming one with another sinful human being is both completely revealing and altogether redeeming. 

When the reel of our days is played out someday, it won't be all the beautiful photos, compliments, or the gifts he purchased that will mark the most memorable, significant moments.

No...instead, what will win my heart over and over and over again will be times when I failed to love, struggled the most with ugliness, and lacked the faith I needed...

the way he takes my hand when I'm pushing him away, 

the hard words he says when I don't want the truth,

the soft eyes he looks at me with when mine are glaring,

the time on his knees when there is no extra time in a day,

the choice he makes to hope in Christ when all hope seems lost.

And by God's grace, I'm learning day by day to follow my sweet Troy's example of love and sacrifice, humility and service. He wins this girl's oft-times hardened heart over everyday because his heart is won over by the love of Christ.

There's nothing more and nothing less to celebrate this anniversary day. 

Troy, you are home to me. Thank you for loving Jesus well...the boys and I are so grateful. Love you.  


Because of grace,

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