Houseful of Blessing

We usually think of hospitality as the blessing of others. While that is the truth, I often think that being the host is the greater privilege. It is the opportunity to share all that you have, to see God provide, to learn to consider others more important than yourself, and to be stretched beyond one's own comfort zone.

Such a privilege was had at our home this past weekend, as a dear long-time friend of my husband's and his family stayed with us during a rare and special visit. And, as we had a total of 9 kids under 8 years of age under the same roof, there were ample opportunities to learn to bless and be blessed. Amazingly, there were only minor mishaps scattered amongst the many laughs and good memories.

The Lineup, minus the baby.

The Dance Party.

The Chinese Acrobats.

The Guys.

The Whole Gang.

As I post this, I hear four zany kids yelling triumphantly over the music upstairs, "I AM THAT HERO!" There might as well be 9.

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