hot...and heavy.

Being just about 9 months pregnant is not the time one usually strives to look hot for her husband.  I realize I speak very little about hotness at GraceLaced, but it's about time I mention how appropriate and gracious it really is to make oneself lovely and attractive for the enjoyment of your husband.  It's just a little humorous that I'm getting around to sharing about such a thing when I am not unlike a lightbulb, a drumstick, or perhaps a butternut squash (trying to be seasonal here). Troy said to me, the other night, as I got ready for bed: "Your belly is gorgeous."  Somehow, the juxtaposition of the word "gorgeous" with an ever-growing, stretch-marked belly was unexpected, but inspiring.  Though I've been through this three other times, I still find myself feeling, on occasion, overtaken by an alien during pregnancy.  And, no matter how many times you've seen yourself spherically enhanced, it still can be a shocking sight!  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  So, while my husband compliments me regularly, this particular proclamation of beauty caught my attention--being 36 weeks and not at all feeling hot.

The next day we went on a much-anticipated date-night.  I decided to consciously make an effort to look special for my husband.  I admit there have been times I've put more effort into looking nice to go to dinner with girlfriends than I have dating my husband of 10 years.  As dates are few and far between, we sometimes find ourselves acquiescing to low key, comfortable attire, appropriate for running errands after dinner, rather than ensembles to mesmerize while looking into each other's eyes.  Nevertheless, at 36 weeks, lightbulb or not, I chose to believe my husband's sweet compliment, and embrace the belly as beautiful!  At this stage in the game, not much fits, but with a wee bit effort, and three-inch ankle boots, I dazzled my Troy and gave him much to appreciate throughout our evening.

Troy said, as the night came to an end, "I love having you on my arm."  And, the best part-- was that I was reminded of how much I love being there too.

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