...where we paint our walls, and paint them again,

...where we bandage wounds and run warm baths,

...where we cry the most tender tears,

...where we stay up too late talking on the couch with the ones we love,

...where we experiment in the kitchen and use every clean dish, because we can,

...where the sound of kids' laughter and arguing travels from room to room,

...where babies come home,

...where friends linger in the foyer and say farewell,

..where prayers encircle,

...where love sacrifices and love serves,

...where there are no pretenses,

...where there's forgiveness for your messes,

...where a roof over your head is often taken for granted,

...where the comforts of just the right colors or furnishings could never outlove the people within its walls.

It's no wonder homes are significant and worth remembering. I've had the privilege of creating some commissioned home portraits of childhood homes and special memories. It'd be my honor to discuss one with you via email

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