Holiday Updates

I've finally come up for air... Saturday night's annual open house was great fun. We had 81 people not counting our family of five. A sea of great food and friends throughout our house. How thankful we are to have such faithful and endearing relationships year after year. I have to admit my photos aren't much, and failed to capture the warmth and glow of the evening. It's hard to be the historian and the host! Nevertheless, you can see the slideshow here. Fortunately, our memories serve as adequate scrapbooks that in the long run, keep only the best snapshots.

Also, if you liked the granola recipe posted back in October, be sure to check out some updates to that recipe. I added dried apricots and fiddled with the consistency. You can't go wrong either way, but I like the revised version better.

Hope each of you are enjoying your week before Christmas, and are taking time to reflect on your joy.

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