Here and There

Number 4 is currently peering over the metaphorical brink of mobility, ready to catapult into a thorough exploration and dissection of all that is within (and out of) reach. Already I spend most days wishing I could grow a few more arms.  So much for evolution. If it were true, I'd have an extra pair of arms, and eyes on the back of my head.  I digress. Anyhow, my current juggling act of homeschooling, preschooling, toddlerhood, potty-training, organizing, messy feedings, and keeping up with the incredible rolling baby, has effectively drained me of time (and energy) for some of my favorite creative endeavors: painting, sewing, and even blogging. I do, however, make the most of spontaneous creative outbursts that usually accompany must-do's, like cooking, organizing, and repairing. Such is the case with my recent decorative additions in the kitchen and half-bath.

I realized a month or two back, that my home must be more organized for me to survive efficiently with four children. I've been on a cleaning and reorganizing campaign ever since, which resulted in many late nights and one hefty garage sale.  I have yet to tackle the utility/laundry room. That will be the final frontier...

Here are the recent inexpensive additions that are both decorative and functional: the mantra of efficient home decor. I apologize for the bad photography in this first set. This small bathroom is painted a buttery yellow with grey/silver accents.

I used frames I already had in my home and my computer printer to create these fun wall hangings. Troy has been into Seneca lately.

IKEA is responsible for these clever hanging baskets and bar.

The same accessories were purchased for the kitchen, relinquishing more counter and drawer space, while keeping everything I need organized and at my fingertips.

A magnetic strip now keeps all our knives in order and at hand.

"S" hooks keep these sweet teacups at the ready for our afternoon ritual.

And again, using an old frame, I made up a little "counter" for our family of six...should've made this a long time ago--who knows if the counter will ever change...

Where does decor and function meet in your home?

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