Guest Bath Remodel, Part 1

Guest Bath Remodel, Part 1

Many aspirations in life bear very little immediate or even recognizable fruit. Efforts to train your children, to memorize scripture, to lose weight, to disciple a young believer, to....let's say, grow a church or develop a school...these are the marathons, not sprints to the finish line. Quite frankly, these are not ultimately Do-It-Yourself jobs; instead, they are Do-It-With-God jobs. And boy, am I glad that's how it is.

If you are like me, though, sometimes it just feels good to simply complete a project--to see something to completion. To experience some instant gratification if you will. The Preacher and I found opportunity to flex our DIY muscles recently in the remodeling of our guest bathroom downstairs. Tiny little bathroom=weekend project, right? Not quite. Not with 5 kids. So, I will be posting our progress as we go along. So far... unconventional travertine and pebble floor...

...a Pinterest-inspired stencil for the wall...

...and an antique treadle sewing machine base, that we hope to turn into a vanity.

So much for immediate gratification! Which goes to show you: all great endeavors take time.

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