Gratitude and Murmuring + Free Printables

Gratitude and Murmuring + Free Printables

Gratitude is en vogue, is it not? And there is indeed no shortage of thanksgiving this time of year...

...however, if my own life is any indication, complaining and murmurings can often be as plentiful as the observances of gratitude.

I'm so tired of _______. Why me? Can I just get a break?

It's not pretty. But these murmurings of complaint really do leave my lips...and I forget that there is no room for both gratitude and murmuring.

A perennial favorite around here, E.M. Bounds cuts right down to what it is to be more than simply thankful in our hearts, but with our lips as well.

A little gift for you today...2 free 8x10 printables of this great reminder.

Download the first one here.

And this one here.

Blessings to you, friends. I pray that praise and thanksgiving will be so full within our hearts that there would simply be no room for grumbling and complaining today and throughout this holiday season.


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