Thank you for all of your sweet comments and thoughtful congratulations! We are well, full of gratitude, and thoroughly in love with our new little man.

Gratitude guards the heart when:

...Number 3 and Number 4, who had not been sick with the stomach bug when the rest of us had it, came down with fever and vomiting the first two days home from the hospital. And as stomach bugs take their greatest toll through the middle of the night, both the Preacher and I found ourselves up all night our first night home.

Gratitude soothes the heart when:

...postnatal and hospital care disappoints and even threatens to steal our joy.

Gratitude fortifies the heart when:

...the cacophony of fussing and crying associated with scraped knees, hurt feelings, and selfishness continues, if not increases, with a newborn's cry.

Gratitude informs the heart when:

...we find ourselves speaking patiently with one another amidst the chaos, exhaustion, and circus that is bringing a new baby home to a family of 6.

Gratitude defines the heart when: the midst of many changes, a six year old begins to express deep concern for his sin, and a true desire to understand what it is to be redeemed.



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