Granny Hexagons and Dreamin'

You are familiar with my crush on Crochet Adorned. You've seen how inspired I can get, and how slow I can be in finishing a project. I'm happy to say I've finished my husband's hat...

But don't ask me about the pillows. Eek! Summer isn't over yet, is it? It's unfortunate that sewing machines don't travel well in the car or at the pool; otherwise, you know my pillows would be done by now. {smile}

I've oft praised the portability of crochet, and therein lies the secret to completing my current long-term project. The daydream that accompanies this menagerie of color is the hope that I may one day have a daughter to give a hand-made afghan to. So, here you'll find me: crocheting hexagons and praying with contentment. God is good. He knows just what we need. And, if it turns out that what I need is not a daughter someday, my stack of granny hexagons will surely make a lovely table runner!

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