GraceLaced Mondays

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Welcome to GraceLaced Mondays! Grace is found in the everyday when you are intentional about taking note of it.

It is found in the sink full of dishes awaiting you after a family meal, it shines in the faces of your imperfect children, it soothes from the pages of God's Word, and it is tucked into the enjoyment of a fresh batch of cookies. Grace is in a beautiful moment and a heartbreaking one alike. Grace is blessing beyond what you and I deserve.


We sometimes forget that the community and joy we experience in fellowship is but a fraction of the true community we will know one day in heaven. Ferial, of Ferial Shmerial shared about looking forward to the Holy City:

"Living together, working, eating, creating, singing, playing, 

building, laughing, crying, and bearing each other's burdens. 

True community


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