Giving To A Giver

(A Post from Ruth's husband on her birthday.)

Happy Birthday My Love,

I am so thankful for you my sweet wife. You are growing in grace, becoming more beautiful with every year that passes. You amaze me as you carry that little Stone in your belly, still serving the rest of us on the outside. Thank you for everything you do for the boys and me. We are blessed beyond compare to have you. I hope this day will be a great blessing as we celebrate having you for mama, wife, friend lover.

Your man, T

I married a giver. For ten years of marriage and two years of dating before that I have been blessed by Ruth and her amazing ability to give gifts. More than most people she has an ability to celebrate people and make them feel special. She has an amazing ability to know just what will make people feel special. When she celebrates you she leaves no doubt in your mind that she put a lot of thought into YOU.

I on the other hand am somewhat lacking in this area. I am notorious for last minute plans and uncreative gifts. In ten years time I should be better than I am at preparing for special days. So for her birthday this year I tried to think of what I could do to show her that she is special, and I decided to give her something that she has wanted for some time-- a greater ability to give. One of the ways that she gives to the ones she loves is to write. For more than a year now she has shared her heart through her blog, blessing us with masterfully written stories of marriage and motherhood, cooking and crafting, and insights from God’s word about His grace in every day life. If you have been blessed by her writing, visit her at (her birthday present!), her own website,, and tell her Happy Birthday.


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