Friends and Phalaenopsis

"In friendship's fragrant garden,There are flowers of every hue. Each with its own fair beauty And its gift of joy for you."

Flowers can be special friends...that grow and bloom year after year.

New friends come along...

...and are unique and different in their own way.

And, most recently, a glorious new member of the circle was given as a parting gift from a true friend who will be residing oceans away for a time.

But when it comes to a flower as loyal as a phalaenopsis, good friends can be remembered for a long, long time.



Phalaenopsis love bright, indirect sunlight.


Water a phalaenopsis thoroughly, soaking all surrounding planting medium. Drain completely, and don't water again until nearly dry...about every 2-3 weeks.


After the phalaenopsis has finished blooming, cut off stem right about the node where the first flower bloomed. A new flower stem should emerge within a few months. Sometimes new stems emerge, instead, from the base of the plant.

Find detailed care tips here.

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